Fate of the Wolf by Amelia Shaw (ePUB)

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Fate of the Wolf (Pack Loyalty #1) by Amelia Shaw – Free eBooks Download


After a painful break-up with her childhood sweetheart, Allara left her pack, her father and her life behind. She moved to the city and got a new start. It was the only way to heal her broken heart.
Then Reid barges back into her life… and he comes with terrible news. Her father, the Alpha, is dying. The chosen leader Jaime, is a cruel Beta with plans to destroy their pack. As a female Alpha, Allara is the only chance the pack has. Against her better judgment, Reid wrangles his way into her heart once again and convinces her to go back home.
Pack life hasn’t really changed, and seeing Reid everyday is a special type of torture. If only she’d stayed in the city. If only she’d never set eyes on Reid again. If only her father wasn’t so sick. If only, if only…
If only Reid hadn’t let the Alpha convince him to break Allara’s heart five years ago. He’d regretted it every day since. But he must put those feelings aside to save the pack that adopted him at birth, even if it tears his soul every time he catches Allara’s sweet scent or witnesses her dazzling smile. He doesn’t deserve a second chance. Not with a woman like her.
Can Allara overcome the pain of her past while saving the pack she was born to lead? Or will she be forever tortured by the broken promises of a man that shattered her life, her heart and her future.

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