Fate Of the Moon by Sara Dobie Bauer (ePUB)

fate moon, sara dobie bauer

Fate Of the Moon by Sara Dobie Bauer – Free eBooks Download


You’re a beautiful monster, and fate has bound us together for life.
After the murder of his parents, the rules of high society dictate that omega werewolf Shay find an alpha mate—and fast. While struggling with his overwhelming grief and being forced into a marriage he’s never wanted, his courting celebration yields yet another nightmare when fate makes an unfortunate appearance.
Alfie is a gossip reporter and alpha werewolf who latches onto the same theory as everyone else; that Shay is responsible for the deaths of his parents. When Alfie sneaks into a courting party to get a look at the guilty young man for his column, he expects to see a murderer, but finds his fated mate instead.
Despite mutual disdain, Shay and Alfie are now inescapably entangled—all while a double homicide remains unsolved.
As their affections grow, so does the danger to their lives. Shay and Alfie might be fated, but can love conquer suspicion, grief, and the threat of death?

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