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fatal sloth, willow katz

Fatal Sloth (Scars from Sin) by Willow Katz – Free eBooks Download


Mia Russo
To everyone, I am the ideal daughter, the perfect student, and the sweet little ballerina, but on the inside, it’s a different story. Every moment of my life has been carefully curated by my father’s strict rules and mile-high expectations. Every bite I took, each assignment I completed, down to what clothes I was allowed to wear.
So, when my father shook hands with the head of the most ruthless family in Chicago and agreed for me to marry their heir, Sebastiano, it wasn’t exactly a shock.

Sebastiano Morelli
They say you aren’t born bad, but you become bad over time. That person clearly wasn’t part of the Morelli Famiglia. Being ruthless is how we earned respect and maintained our position at the top. And I can’t wait to take my place at the head of the Famiglia when my father steps down.
That is until my father adds one final clause before I take the throne as Don Morelli – “Get married or pass the title to Nico.” Marriage sounds like a job I never interviewed for. Give her my last name so she can warm my bed and complain while she spends my money. I’ll pass.

Or so I thought.

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