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Fastlander Fealty (Fastlander #3) by T. S. Joyce – Free eBooks Download


Owen Carson is a big, dominant boar shifter who is finally ready for a mate. Since he was young, he knew he wanted to escape the unfortunate legacy of his people and find something that has always felt just out of reach. Moving to Damon’s Mountains ensured he could be close to other powerful shifters who could inspire him, instead of dragging him back into old habits, but joining the Fastlanders has set him and his animal on a rollercoaster he can’t manage for much longer. There is a rumor that a lion Pride will target his loosely formed Crew at some point, and when a deceptive lioness shows up in the Mountains, he knows exactly what this is. Silver is bait. She’s a decoy on behalf of the notoriously evil Holland Pride. She’s meant to spy on Owen and his people, and he wants to play a little game of cat and mouse with her as punishment. She can be the mouse. His love/hate feelings for her become complicated as the Fastlanders figure out her betrayals, and his inner Beast Boar wants to protect her from the wrath of his people. There’s good inside of her—he can see it. And as he learns more about why she is actually here, his plan changes.
It’s crucial that she disappear from Damon’s Mountains, but now, Owen wants her to survive the escape.

Silver Murdock has a job to do and then she can be reestablished as one of the Queens of the Holland Pride. She’s made a huge mistake and betrayed the lions, and must make up for what she’s done. Infiltrating the Fastlander Crew is a little too easy, and her target is acting strangely, as if he knows something she does not. Silver is in way over her head as she realizes a fraction of the power that is actually contained within the Fastlanders. The job becomes murky as her lioness focuses on an intoxicating, hilarious, dominant, hard-working boar shifter in the Crew she has been hired to bring down. As she gets to know Owen and his people, the job feels impossible. She was supposed to be the hunter, but now the Fastlanders are looking right at her, and they know way too much. She’s been thrown into a fire by her Pride, and she’s falling hard for the enemy.
Owen is the only one who can save her now.

Lions, boars, and bears, oh my! Don’t miss this riveting fourth installment in T.S. Joyce’s bestselling Fastlanders series, where action-adventure meets spicy-romance, and an escape from reality is just the turn-of-a-page away.
We’re back home in Damon’s Mountains.
Let’s stay here for a little while.

****Content Warning: Explicit spicy love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Shifter animal battles and wars for territory lines show up in most of these books, which includes action adventure and some violence. Intended for mature audiences.

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