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“I’ve got you for one whole night, which means we can do fast, slow…and everything in between.”

Lola McBride doesn’t do one-night stands. Ever. It’s one of a million reasons why flirting with London nightclub owner Connor Fitzpatrick is a bad idea. Especially since he’s trying to buy the historic building that rightfully belongs to her—and that makes him a rival. But Lola hadn’t factored in that Connor would be insanely gorgeous, or that his glance would send sexual attraction zinging through her.

One night. Just one. He doesn’t need to know who she is or what she wants. And one night couldn’t possibly screw up her plan…
But Lola’s vastly underestimated the draw of Connor Fitzpatrick and his rakishly sexy grin, those steely grey eyes and the hard, firm body that makes her feel everything. Something about him—about them—keeps drawing Lola back into his arms…and deeper into deception. Because the more she succumbs to desire, the harder it is to come clean. Yet Lola’s not giving up on her goal. And she sure as hell won’t let Connor take her family property without a fight!

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