Family Matters by H.M. Wolfe (ePUB)

family matters, hm wolfe

Family Matters (The Librarian #8) by H.M. Wolfe – Free eBooks Download


Brian’s past catches up with him in an unexpected way, when a son he didn’t know existed shows up at the library, looking for a job. He welcomes the teen with open arms but is afraid of how Bart, their children, and the others around them will react.
Donna Fabrizia is up to no good again, and, because of her evil machinations, a war is about to break out between the Old-World Mafia and a branch of Bratva, lead by the ruthless Semyon Narkin, who accuses Brian of kidnapping his grandson.
With the help of the boy’s mother’s ghost, the head of the Cavallieri family finds out the truth, but can he stop the hell that’s about to unleash?

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