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falling into fate, abby knox

Falling Into Fate (Roadside Attraction #3) by Abby Knox – Free eBooks Download


My only happiness was ripped from me ten years ago, and my heart never stopped searching for my best friend and the only girl I ever loved.
Imagine my surprise when I see her wandering around the autumn festival in Fate, of all places. Was I really this close to finding her for the last ten years?
When I try to tell her who I am, she doesn’t believe me at first. She’s going to need some convincing that my motives are pure. Well, that’s just fine. When it comes to my best friend, I’ll stop at nothing to have her in my life again.
My best friend may still be haunted by the past, but I’m going to turn the world upside down to make her happy again. Billie’s mine. She’s always been mine, and there was never anybody else for me.
From now on, I’m not going to spend a single day without her.

As an organizer of my town’s first ever Fall Fiber Festival, I have a lot on my mind. I don’t have time for random beer brewer from the next town over. No matter how nicely he fills out that flannel and those jeans.
But when that cute guy from the beer stand claims to be my childhood best friend, I’m going to need a minute to process. If he even is the real Ben. Either way, he’s opened up a whole lot of old wounds, and he has some explaining to do. And, frankly, so do I. I’ve been working too hard to heal from the past, and I’m not going to let anyone pull me back.

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