Falling in Love: A Holiday Collection by Shaw Hart (ePUB)

falling in love, shaw hart

Falling in Love: A Holiday Collection by Shaw Hart – Free eBooks Download


Grab a picnic blanket and curl up in your favorite spot to enjoy this holiday collection!
Six Halloween and Thanksgiving romances in one collection.

Riding His Broomstick:
Kennedy Grymes loves Halloween. Her boss, and the man of her dreams on the other hand, hates it. When these two meet at the company party, sparks fly. Will the magic last for more than one night though?

Taming Her Beast:
Harry has been in love with his best friend, Bella, since they were kids. When a halloween party throws them together, will he finally find the courage to tell her how he really feels about her? Will this Beast will be able to claim his Beauty and give them both their happily ever after?

A Very Mountain Man Halloween:
When Graham kidnaps Magnolia outside of the Fallen Peak gas station, it’s for her own good. He’s just trying to keep her safe from her stalker. One look into her eyes though and he knows that he’s never going to let her go. Will he be able to convince her that the safest place to be is by his side?

A Very Mountain Man Thanksgiving:
When Alder invites Myra, the girl that he’s been chatting with online up to his cabin for the holidays, he’s not prepared for the rush he gets meeting her in person. One look, one touch, and he knows that he’s found his other half. There’s just one problem. She’s not who she says she is. When Myra finally comes clean, will Alder be able to forgive her?

Thankful For My FAKE Girlfriend:
As Derek Reid’s assistant, Annie Lanin is used to his outrageous demands but when he asks her to pretend to be his long-term girlfriend and spend Thanksgiving with his family, she’s sure that he must be out of his mind. Derek is sure this will be painless for everyone involved; Annie just hopes she can remember this is all supposed to be pretend. When the holiday is over, will these two realize that they are meant to be so much more than just coworkers?

Hungry For Dash:
Gracelyn just started a new business and she is determined to keep everything professional. Then Dash comes through her door and she knows that she’s in trouble. Will Dash be able to convince Gracelyn that they’re meant to be?

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