Falling in a Fortnight by Kris T. Bethke (ePUB)

falling fortnight, kris t bethke

Falling in a Fortnight by Kris T. Bethke – Free eBooks Download


Jay Turner is a helper by nature. So when his best friend ropes him into helping Leith Porter finish repairs on his house, Jay is happy to lend a hand. It doesn’t hurt that Leith is easy on the eyes and injured to boot. Everything about Lieth brings out the caretaker in Jay. And when one moment between them sparks Jay’s inner Daddy Dom, things shift between them.
With only two weeks to get the repairs done, the men spend a lot of time together. Jay didn’t expect to find a perfect submissive in Leith. But the man pushes all the right buttons, and their kinks align. The closer they get, the more they want to explore the dynamic between them. The easy way they fall into their roles and the connection between them, only spurs them on. It might be fast, but they both want more.
But they’ve been living in a bit of a bubble, together all the time, and it’s only a matter of time before that bubble will burst. Fourteen days is too fast to fall in love. To want to build a future. Except both men know they’ve found their forever and maybe a fortnight is exactly the right length of time.

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