Falling for Tyson by Erica Breyer (ePUB)

falling for tyson, erica breyer

Falling for Tyson (Working Class Billionaires #2) by Erica Breyer – Free eBooks Download


Guys like Tyson Killaron don’t look at girls like me…

A drop-dead gorgeous MMA fighter surrounded by swimsuit models who’d bend over backward, forward, and sideways for him? No, I’m not going to get a second look. But that’s okay – my life’s pretty cool, just as it is. I have great friends, my career’s on the fast-track. Who cares if I’m carrying a few extra pounds?
Okay, maybe I care.
My ex definitely cared.
Now, I’m being drawn into a world of hard men and harder decisions…because I want to get my hands all over that smoking hotness. And Tyson’s offering to be my personal trainer and asking me out! Whatever his motives are, it’s gonna be a one-way ticket to heartbreak. I just can’t risk it. Until the unimaginable happens…
From the moment we met, Cassie Cataldi knocked me flat on my ass. She’s Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, and every other silver-screen star all rolled into one. Those eyes, those lips…the face of an angel. And a body that the Devil himself would sell his soul for.
Yet, somehow she’s the only one who can’t see it.
I haven’t figured out how to win her over, and I’ll try pretty much anything. I guess we’re worlds apart – I’m a brawler…and she’s pure class. She’s not interested in my money; she backs off when I get too close. I’m running out of ideas.
I won’t give up the battle for her, though…fighting’s wired into me like the need for air. And I think Cassie’s going to mean as much to me, too.

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