Falling for the SEAL by Andi Lynn (ePUB)

falling for seal, andi lynn

Falling For The SEAL (Real Hot SEAL) by Andi Lynn – Free eBooks Download


A girl’s night out is all I wanted. Now I’ve found myself kidnapped with one of my best friends. I have no money nor am I related to anyone important so I have no idea why they would want me.
All I know is that I wake up chained to a nasty floor by a bolt and the only thing keeping me slightly calm is the fact that my best friend is with me. The men seem focused on her so I do what I have to protect her. I’m only able to hold on because of memories of the love I lost and praying that this nightmare isn’t going to last forever.

I’m out of the service. And started a new business that is thriving with all the men from my SEAL team. I had it all or I thought I did until a tiny woman with long dark hair made me want more. More of the light she brings into my dark life. Yet I walked away back to my team and my future that I’d fought so hard for. Now, she’s gone.
I spend every waking moment searching for her. Then one day, a very wealthy man comes through the door with a location for her. I don’t give it any thought; I gather my team and we head to get the woman that stole my heart.

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