Falling for the Pucking Bad Boy by Natalie Belle (ePUB)

falling for pucking bad boy, natalie belle

Falling for the Pucking Bad Boy (New Brunswick Wolverines) by Natalie Belle – Free eBooks Download


After my dad’s team, the Montreal Blizzard, took a brutal loss, we headed to our usual bar to drown our sorrows.
Enter Judson “Killer” Wells, a hot-headed right-winger from our rival team—the New Brunswick Wolverines.
He’s bad news wrapped in blond hair and gorgeous emerald eyes, and he’s ready to tear the place apart.
I step in and calm him down with a promise of a drink, knowing very well who he is, but he doesn’t know me.
One hot night later, I’m ready to slip back into obscurity.
No harm, no foul—I saved my dad’s team from a brawl and got to play with the NHL’s most delicious bad boy.
For Wells, I was willing to take one for the team.
But the next night, Wells spots me on the opposing bench.
In true dramatic fashion, he tapes his phone number to the glass right in front of the coach, my dad.
Cue chaos.
Wells isn’t one to back down. Soon, we’re locked in a back-and-forth—him trying to woo me, me trying to resist his playboy charm.

Spoiler: I’m not great at resisting.
Things heat up when I meet him for a secret rendezvous after he wins a bet.
Despite every part of me screaming to stay away, we continue these steamy encounters.
I begin to fall for him.
Wells is more than just a puck boy. He has depth, heart, and a knack for making me take my clothes off.
Our love is tested by media storms, angry coaches, nosy teammates, a furious dad, and fierce rival games.
Can we find our way back to each other, or will the pressures of the NHL world tear us apart?

Falling for the Pucking Bad Boy is an Off-Limits, Guy Falls First, Hockey Romance. This is Book 2 in the standalone series New Brunswick Wolverines.

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