Falling for the Hunter by Kitty Siberia (ePUB)

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Falling for the Hunter (Pandora Universe) by Kitty Siberia – Free eBooks Download


There is no way to predict the future or pick the planet where you would crash.
When Lily embarked on a space ship to become a colonist on Hamunaphtra 4, she had no idea what the future will hold for her.
All she knew was that by taking this job, she offered her mom and sister a carefree life.
No one told her that the space ship could crash and that instead of waking up in the new Colony she would end up on a Prison Planet.
She didn’t even know that there was such a thing.
After being trapped and destined to be sold as a slave, Lily is freed by a bounty hunter.
A rough… Creature… because the male that stood in front of her cage was not a man. He was something else: a tall jackal like creature that looked like the ancient Egyptian God Anubis.

Amon-Kan was attending to business, hunting his prey on the surface of the harsh desert planet. With only his trusted companion Brox the maul, his sword and his gun, he stumbled upon the most fascinating creature.
She was too small and weak to survive in the wild, nothing like any female he had ever seen. Her scent awoke a need that he didn’t know he had, the need to protect her at any cost.
Now, she is asking him for help, she wants to find the rest of the passengers of her crashed ship.
Should he risk spending more time with her and maybe get his paws on all the old tech that could fill his pockets with credits?
Can Lily trust him to keep her safe?
And what about the feelings that The Hunter has for Lily?

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