Falling for the Hot Nerd by Carly Keene (ePUB)

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Falling for the Hot Nerd (Nerd Love #1) by Carly Keene – Free eBooks Download


Falling for the Hot Nerd is a sweet and steamy short story with a handsome nerdy guy and a strong curvy girl.

So what if it’s not my first job as an executive assistant? It’s just the first one that’s paid me decently.
TechBridge Software Development is a billion-dollar company, and it’s a good place to work.
Bonus? My boss, the founder of Techbridge, is hot. Like, super hot.
Like, I keep dreaming about the day that he’ll come into my office, close the door, and order me onto the desk to take something down.
And I don’t mean dictation, if you catch my drift.
But the other thing about Carson is, he’s a total nerd.
Coding, he gets. Girls, not so much.
When will he figure out how I feel about him?

Who would have thought that the little piece of code that my college buddies and I cooked up in between D&D sessions would have become valuable enough to become a successful software development company? Not me.
But it happened, and I’m proud of what we’ve built.
It’s just not enough anymore. I want someone to share it with.
I want a woman in my life, but my focus on geeky stuff has kept me pretty much ignorant of how to get one.
It’s a shame, too, because I’ve picked one out. Lexie is gorgeous. Smart. Sexy as hell.
I want her.
How can I get her to see who I really am and what I really want?

Billionaire hot IT nerd. Strong, curvy woman. No cheating. No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA. Part of the Nerd Love series, but can be read as a standalone.

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