Falling for the Hollywood Heartthrob by Kate Weiss (ePUB)

falling for heartthrob, kate weiss

Falling for the Hollywood Heartthrob (Instalove at First Sight #1) by Kate Weiss – Free eBooks Download


After five years, I’ve built the best damn wedding photography business in town.
Heck, we’ve even got people coming in from out of state.
Yup, life in Pink Ridge is pretty sweet, if a little quiet.
And then along comes Hollywood legend, Jack Cavendish.
About to get married and let down by his photographer, I agree to help.
But this is no ordinary gig.
Keeping my eyes off Jack when he’s headed for the altar is hard enough.
And that’s before I find out that the wedding is a fake …

After a decade building a career in Hollywood, I’m pretty much a household name.
At first glance, I’ve got it all: a flash car, status, and enough money to last several lifetimes.
And I’m miserable.
From the outside, my life must look pretty great. But it’s not all it’s chalked up to be.
So, when I meet Sophie Sweet, I’m stunned.
Fortunately, I need a photographer.
Though I don’t think she realises exactly what she’s getting herself into.
I just need enough time with Sophie to convince her that she’s the thing missing from my life.
And I’d give up everything else to have her.

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