Falling for My Sweet Saviour by Clarice Jayne (ePUB)

falling sweet saviour, clarice jayne

Falling for My Sweet Saviour (Cinnamon Roll Saviors) by Clarice Jayne – Free eBooks Download


I was at Rock Bottom – Until I fell into his arms

Life is hard, but living is harder. I learned that from an early age. Abandoned by my mum at three years old after my father deserted us, I was passed from foster home to foster home. I wasn’t a trouble child, just not loveable enough to be adopted. Life in Foster care was good until I reached 17. Then life became hell on earth.
After months of abuse by my foster dad, I got out and started a life of my own. You would have thought I would have trust issues, but that was my problem, I trusted too easily. That’s how I find myself dumped by a cheating boyfriend, homeless because of my housemate, hungry, exhausted, and sleeping in my car.
Then I fell into his arms. He was sweet, loving, caring, and protective. Everything I could want in a man.
But I can’t let my guard down. I won’t be hurt again.

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