Falling for Him by Mercer Scott (ePUB)

falling for him, mercer scott

Falling for Him (Falling in Maui #1) by Mercer Scott – Free eBooks Download


A quirky, curvy girl and a sexy, single dad, construction tycoon walk into a Maui dive bar. Can a once-in-a-lifetime, one-night stand lead to her actually falling for him? And more importantly, can she trust that that he could actually be falling for her?
I live my life trying not to end up as a cautionary tale in one of my true crime podcasts. So, I definitely don’t do one-night stands.
But when my friends dare me to talk to the sexy guy I’ve been staring at across a Maui dive bar, I find myself walking over to him and blurting out… I can’t even repeat what I said. I blame tequila. I blame all the tequila…
Miraculously, I wake up the next morning in the bed of Maui’s sexiest, single dad with all my vital organs intact.
When he shows up again the next night, my perfect one-night stand turns into a week of sun, sand, and sex. But the clock is ticking on my week in paradise. Sexy one-night stands on Maui aren’t real life – at least not my life. Can this curvy Cinderella risk falling flat on her face for a chance at happily ever after with the one-night stand she can’t say goodbye to?

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