Falling for Her Highland Steward by Olivia Kerr (ePUB)

falling for steward, olivia kerr

Falling for Her Highland Steward (Highlands’ Partners in Crime #10) by Olivia Kerr – Free eBooks Download


His skills can save her, his looks can destroy her.

When Erin McCaskill’s husband, Laird McCaskill, dies, the young mother is left with the challenging task of raising a child and managing an estate all alone. Erin was never close to her husband as he was older than her father, but now she feels lonelier than ever. She is a capable and carrying mother, however, she is unprepared to lead a clan! Yet, she is called to save the McCaskill Estate from financial disaster and manage tenants who live on her land and do not trust her.
Luckily, Michael, the cousin of the deceased Laird, decides to offer Erin some help and introduces Caillen Johnstone to her. Although tall as a mountain and built like a warrior, Caillen has studied law and languages at the University of Glasgow and is a skilled steward. Erin is suspicious at first as Caillen is cold, calculated, and abrupt, and everyone can feel the tension rising in the room when the two are together.

However, after just a few days, it becomes evident that Caillen is incredibly good at managing an estate. The results he brings surpass Erin’s wildest dreams and bring an air of optimism. As if this surprise was not enough, Erin begins to feel a carnal attraction for the handsome scholar. She decides to avoid him to suppress the emotions which make her feel like an inexperienced lass again.
Unfortunately, the two are about to spend even more time together as they will have to travel to make some trade deals. Michael takes on responsibility for Erin’s son giving her space to feel free to flirt after so many years. However, Erin knows that no matter how attractive Caillen is, it would be a disaster to fall for him, as she would lose the trust of her tenants and all that she has been working for.

In a dramatic turn of events, a new suitor appears for Erin making the situation even more confusing. When the widow turns to Caillen, her most trusted advisor thus far, he advises her not to marry, bringing her face to face with a deadly dilemma; is her steward in love with her or has she given too much power to a stranger who is now trying to take over?

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