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Falling for Forest (Wolves of Solara #1) by Charlie Tran – Free eBooks Download


Most packs fight for dominance.
His fights for their lives.


All I wanted was a night out with my pack. With my friends.

At first, everything was all fun and games. Dancing with the nameless hottie in the club, getting drunk, and forgetting about all my problems with Thorn, my ex. But that escalated quickly into a night of horror.

I didn’t mean to walk in on a drug deal! And the Grey Brotherhood didn’t care. They tried to kill me, and my pack killed one of their own in self defense. Now they’ll stop at nothing for retribution.

And what’s worse, I can feel that red-head’s eyes all over me. I’m thankful that he saved my life, but I couldn’t possibly drag him into all my problems.

But the more I’m around him, the harder he is to resist.


Cruising around downtown Solara, waiting for an emergency to be called to. It was a night like any other. I loathed how I spent my weekends, but that’s what I signed up for. Night shifts as an EMT were harsh, but I needed the money.

Then that call came in. My coworker and I responded to a murder at a night club. I expected the blood, the gore. I didn’t expect that I’d instantly fall head over heels for the man I’m supposed to be rushing to the hospital.

But why was he attacked, and what’s with the dead wolf at the scene? My head tells me to mind my damn business, but my other head is saying something much different.

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