Fall for You by Elyse Riggs (ePUB)

fall for you, elyse riggs

Fall for You (Like A Boss #1) by Elyse Riggs – Free eBooks Download


Fall for my grumpy, sexy boss? Absolutely not. No way. Not gonna happen.
When arrogant jerk Blake Ryan walks into my favorite coffee bar looking for a fight, I know I’m in trouble. But he picks the wrong girl on the wrong morning.
As it turns out, standing up to Mr. Grumpy-Pants is really hard to do while looking into those intense brown eyes. He’s got the angry smolder down I’ll give him that. He also has the bulging biceps, steel cut abs, and full lips.
Only standing up to him backfires on me spectacularly when it turns out he’s one of those secret undercover bosses. After we tangle, he bans me from the coffee shop. My favorite coffee shop. Permanently. I decide not to go down without a fight, or a scene as the case may be. Then he does the last thing I expect and gives me a job. Or is it more of a challenge?
I know I shouldn’t take it, but my choices are banishment or a six-figure job. I can deal with the long days and impossible workload as long as I don’t try to look into those sexy brown eyes.
I can’t give in to my smoking hot new boss. No matter how many late nights I work or how tempting his full lips are or how adorable he is with his niece. He’s not the relationship type. And I’m not into getting my heart broken.

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