Faking With The Enemy by Ashlie Silas (ePUB)

faking with enemy, ashlie silas

Faking With The Enemy by Ashlie Silas – Free eBooks Download


Pretending to date my therapist and not fall for him is hard when he can’t keep his hands off me.
He needed a fake girlfriend and thought I was a perfect fit.
The plan was simple… or so I thought.
My maddeningly hot, not to mention rich AF, therapist who doesn’t believe in love needs to appear like he does.
His clients are couples looking to save their relationships, but he’s single and his credibility is being questioned.
He needs me to pretend to be his girlfriend to save his reputation.
I was broken the first time I walked into his office
He’s the only one who found a way to piece me back together.
He told me I’m worthy. I’m loveable. I’m good enough.
He fixed me and now he knows I could never say no to him.
I’m under his control and that’s exactly how he likes it.
I agree to be his fake date, but secretly I want the real thing.
Him holding my hand and gazing deep into my eyes doesn’t feel pretend.
Waking up in his strong protective arms and the feel of his skin on mine is very, very real.
And so is this little plus sign appearing before my eyes.
Maybe he’ll change his mind about love when he finds out I’m having his baby…

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