Faking It With The SEALs by D. E. Bartley (ePUB)

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Faking It With The SEALs (Midlife Secrets #3) by D. E. Bartley – Free eBooks Download


Chelsea has never had much confidence in men. Let’s face it her ex turned out to be a psycho, one she only narrowly escaped from with her young daughter. But now in her early forties, she has turned to dating apps to try and help her find someone, anyone, to make her feel something other than lost and alone. She’s not looking for Mr Right, she gave up that hunt a long time ago. She just wants someone to take her out and make her feel appreciated, surely that’s not too much to ask for?

Calvin has been part of the O’Reilly security team for five years. But now, with the help of two former SEAL mates, he’s building his own security company. With his former boss Christian’s advice, he and his mates start looking to get the word out about their company whilst attending formal events and such like. But they need someone to be their plus one to help the female clients feel more at ease. When they turn to a dating app for help, not one but all three get matched to the same slightly older goddess they only met that day! They all agree that Chelsea fits that bill and are more than happy to share her. But only between the three of them.

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