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Faking Her Home (Banks Ink. #6) by Ember Davis – Free eBooks Download


No matter how much independence I gain, my parents keep trying to pull me back into their world. I don’t want anything to do with their wealth or their expectations. I’m much happier being my own person. I’ve avoided the hoity-toity holiday events for the last few years, but this year it’s unavoidable. My mother’s made sure of it.
I don’t want to be on the arm of someone Mother deems respectable for charity events and family dinners, but I don’t have much choice. At least, not until Maddox steps in and offers to be my date. I don’t know if bringing a fake date is going to do the trick, but it’s better than being arm candy for a snobby douche who doesn’t even like me.
If I can get through this holiday season unscathed, I can go back to my life. If I can ignore how much I wish things between Maddox and I weren’t fake, I might even get through it with my whole heart too.

Work has kept me busy for years, but the rewards have been worth it. Or so I thought. Once Axel, my business partner and best friend, found the love of his life I started to realize that I’ve been missing out. I hate feeling left out of the good stuff, but the right woman hasn’t come along yet.
One Halloween party changes everything. I know Penelope is meant to be mine and if helping her out of a jam with her family is the way to her heart, then so be it. I’ll protect her from anything and everything, including her family. I’ll keep the man-boy with a silver spoon in his mouth away from her too. No other man is going to touch her. She’s mine.
My Penny thinks this is all fake and I’m only helping her out of the kindness of my heart, but there’s nothing fake about us. I have the holiday season to prove it to her. Good thing I’ve always been determined. She thinks after all the events are over that she’ll be able to go back to the way things were. Little does she know, the only life we’re living from now on is one where we’re together.

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