Faking for Her Bear by Samantha Leal (ePUB)

faking for bear, samantha leal

Faking for Her Bear (Mossy Ridge Shifters #3) by Samantha Leal, Pamela Avery – Free eBooks Download


Being the Black sheep ain’t easy…just ask Lila… but maybe a little arrangement with a hot Bear can turn that around…

She’s a Goth trapped in a rich-girl-from-the-right-side-of-the-tracks’ body… Somehow her mother just doesn’t get the message and has no end of schemes and plans to try to “fix” her and get her on the “right” track. This means endless dates with proper gentlemen…suitable marriage material. There is no end to it. So when she bumps into her old friend, who is most definitely from the wrong side of the tracks, the wheels start turning. Maybe she can she can put an end to all this torture once and for all. It doesn’t hurt that there is definitely something mysteriously alluring about her old friend…

Kurt Lawson has had it. As the youngest of the Lawson clan he gets no end of grief from his older brothers. No one knows it, but despite their decidedly “wrong” side of the tracks appearance, his brothers and him are at the core of a pack of shifters sworn to protect Mossy Ridge. That is no walk in the park and Kurt is sick of getting no respect and constantly being given the worst jobs. When he bumps into Lila, a plot is hatched that might just rescue them both from their plights…
Little do they suspect that what starts as a simple plan will quickly start to gain steam… Not just steam…full on heat. But just as their romance and connection is taking off they find themselves smack in the middle of a threat that might just end them all.

Can they navigate meddling mothers and brothers, not to mention their own fears and doubts in time to save the time? Can they save themselves…?

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