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After her last relationship ended terribly, Amelia Rogers has managed to avoid dating for five years. And while she’s fine with it, her mother isn’t.
When Amelia finds out she’s is trying to set her up on their family vacation, she knows her mother won’t take no for an answer. After all, it’s been far too long since Amelia went on a date.
So, she lies to get out of it. Amelia may not have a real boyfriend, but she does know one single guy in her life that might be willing to play the part, even if he is her quiet, private coworker.
Daniel Anderson is in trouble. His wife left him for a member of his own family, and they want to tell people about their relationship. What he needs is to look like he’s over his ex-wife, and is isn’t sure about how to do it.
Both Daniel and Amelia need each other to play the part of a significant other. Going on a free vacation shouldn’t be too hard for Daniel, and Amelia thinks she can easily be Daniel’s new girlfriend to offset whatever news is going to drop about Daniel.
Neither of them want a relationship, so it should be easy to pretend to be in one without actually falling in love.

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