Fake It for the Bad Boy by Claire Angel (ePUB)

fake it bad boy, claire angel

Fake It for the Bad Boy (Ruthless Bad Boys #2) by Claire Angel – Free eBooks Download


The man Lila loved is back in town. The same man who vanished without a word a decade ago. Fredrick was her first kiss and no man has ever measured up to what he made her feel. She’s confused, hurt, and upset, having had no idea he was engaged, much less getting married. But what can she expect from the man who already broke her heart once?

I know I screwed up when I walked away.
But things were complicated then, and they’re more complicated now.
Lila is the woman of my dreams, but sometimes, I think fate is conspiring to keep us apart.
Well, screw fate. I’m going to make her mine.
And everything goes according to plan.
I strongarm her into a fake marriage.
I make demands of her.
And then, I learn that when I signed our marriage certificate, I sealed my fate.
Now, she’s the one with power, and I’m left wondering what the heck went wrong…
And what I’m going to do next.

I loved him, a long time ago.
Now… I’m mad.
He’s making me an offer I can’t refuse… and he knows it.
But sometimes, we all have to do what we don’t want to.
I’m already struggling to pay off my brother’s debt and keep my business afloat.
He’s a lifeline I need…
But a complication that might just be worse than the alternative.
Life seems to have a funny way of punishing him for his bad behaviors…
And I guess I’m caught in the crosshairs. Or maybe I’m the next lesson he needs to learn.
Either way, our lives are about to get really, really interesting.
With the stakes higher than ever, they need to navigate their growing feelings and the town’s gossip on the heels of his sudden return. As they pretend to be a happily married couple, it’s harder and harder for them to keep their hands off from one another. But for how long? He broke the rules and she finds out she is pregnant…

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