Fake It For Now by Lyssa Lemire (ePUB)

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Fake It For Now (Kings of Campus #2) by Lyssa Lemire – Free eBooks Download


Noah Brighton has it all. Except me. And I’m going to keep it that way. At least, that was the plan …
He’s got looks. Success. Popularity. Looks. A campus full of women tripping over themselves to get to him. Soon, guaranteed millions of dollars as a football star. Did I mention looks? And for years, he’s been chasing after me like I’m a live ball. Most girls would be ecstatic. Me? I have no interest in being just another unread message on his phone the day after.

Too bad an out of context picture posted on Instagram and an argument with my family drive me to the unthinkable: asking Noah to be my fake boyfriend. It’s just for one weekend. Then I can go back to giving him the cold shoulder. But once I’m forced to get to know him, the big man on campus with the square jaw and ocean-blue eyes turns out to be a lot deeper than I expected – and I might be in over my head.

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