Fake Holi*Date by Brynn North (ePUB)

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Fake Holi*Date (East Village Christmas #2) by Brynn North – Free eBooks Download


Who knew wedding invitations look just like Christmas cards?

I can’t believe I thought Sam wanted to get back together. Instead, he hands me a wedding invitation – for two weeks from now! Even worse, I foolishly told him I’ll go… and bring my boyfriend.
Too bad said boyfriend is nonexistent.

When my best friend Declan offers to come as my fake date, my Grandma pressures me into accepting, telling me it’ll be a good way to move forward on my terms. Better than attending alone, I guess.

Declan insists on getting me into the holiday spirit and out of my funk by signing us up for a Christmas contest. Practicing cooking, baking, and wrapping holiday gifts together sure feel like dates, even though they tend to end in disasters. Too bad he rejected me when we were in college, so he’s clearly not interested.

But when I find out he’s got a Christmas Eve date? Well, I feel like my heart just got stomped for the second time in a week.
Because it’s too hard to hide these feelings anymore. Being friends with Declan isn’t going to be enough.

It’s going to take more than Santa to give me what I want this Christmas.
This Christmas novella is a third in the East Village Christmas series. Each book can be read as a standalone in any order.

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