Fake Date the Coach’s Daughter by Stephanie Street (ePUB)

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Fake Date the Coach’s Daughter (Eastridge Heights Basketball #3) by Stephanie Street – Free eBooks Download


She’s new in town. He’s on her dad’s team. And now her dad has the hots for his mom.

Mia Tillman. Yep, I’m the new girl. The coach’s daughter. The one who’s just doing time until she can move back home. Except I don’t have a home there anymore because my mom and her new husband moved to Alaska. Yeah, cornfields or the tundra. I chose cornfields. But I miss the beach.

I met him on the first day of school, Grayson Levitt. Grayson is charming. Gorgeous. A player. And not just a player on my dad’s team. It’s bad enough he keeps popping up at school. I about died when he showed up at my house for dinner…with his mom!

Grayson here. Yeah, so, dinner at Coach’s house. Weird, right? And then there’s Mia. Shoo-ee! Hot. But Mia’s not the problem. The problem is her dad and my mom. I had to do something. And quick. It’s that, or I’m gonna get myself a new step-sister. Shudder.

Can Grayson and Mia put their differences aside long enough to put their plan into action?

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