Fairy Tale Husband by Day Leclaire (ePUB)

fairy tale husband, day leclaire

Fairy Tale Husband (The Cinderella Ball #1) by Day Leclaire – Free eBooks Download


Married by Midnight! You’re invited to a wedding . . . your own. Come to the Cinderella Ball single and leave happily wed.
The Cinderella Ball is the chance of a lifetime for individuals to come together to find their special someone. Their one and only. Their soul mate. Obtaining a ticket isn’t easy, but for those select few, it offers the chance at a lifetime of happiness. Lone wolf, Jake Hondo has lived his life on the outside. An outcast. A bastard. Now he has a shot to change all that. In order to secure his inheritance, all he needs is to wed and bed a woman. Any woman. After that, he and his bride can go their separate ways, which is exactly how he wants it.

Kind-hearted waif, Wynne Sommers, longs for happily-ever-after, love at first sight, and knights in shining armor. The Cinderella Ball offers her all of that . . . and more. All she needs is the right man to accept that her love comes as part of a “package deal,” a package that includes her young niece and nephew. But as much as Wynne longs for love, Jake wants nothing to do with the unwelcome emotion. Or so he thinks until his new life is threatened. Will he be able to save his family from the forces marshaling against them? Or will he lose everything—his home, the children he’s sworn to protect, and the woman who’s become the most important person in his life?

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