Fae’s Witch by Helen Walton (ePUB)

fae's witch, helen walton

Fae’s Witch (Summer Court #5) by Helen Walton – Free eBooks Download


Loathe to want her. Annoyed to want him. Destined for more.

Everyone wants the services of a witch. Spells and potions are my commodities, even though humans are skeptics and supernatural creatures are in hiding, making it harder than ever to make a living. When a distant relative asks for my help, I try to say no. Dreams of my death haunt me whenever I’m in this town, but I can’t deny the only family I have left. And then I meet him. The Fae Prince. He despises me on sight, but I want him more than I’ve ever wanted another man. What’s up with that?

The past never leaves me. It’s left a bloodstain on my hands I can’t seem to scrub clean even though it’s been centuries since I killed the Trappers. The Fae King has given me the task of bringing my sister home to the Summer Court. A task I relish until I meet her. The witch. Now the past is in my face. A beautiful face that I want to kiss when I should loathe the sight of her. I can’t stop thinking about her. The more time I spend near her, the worse my obsession gets. Then the past becomes the present, and I’m faced with losing more than I ever imagined possible.

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