Faerie Oath by Brea Viragh (ePUB)

faerie oath, brea viragh

Faerie Oath (Fae Academy for Halflings #5) by Brea Viragh – Free eBooks Download


Using Necromancy comes with a price. But since the dead are keeping secrets, Tavi’s ready to pay.

Tavi Alderidge is once again in trouble, and nothing can get her out of it this time. With her mentor, Onyx, out of the picture, and a new and “hairier” shifter problem ready to rise with the next full moon, she needs to focus on finding answers…by any means necessary.
The Bureau is on her about what happened to Madam Muerte, the gypsy fortuneteller who foretold great tragedy and somehow ended up worse than dead: murdered. All fingers point to Tavi, and Crown Prince Mike is no longer on her side after discovering one of her own closely guarded secrets.
She’s sick of always having to take risks, but the only one who can clear her name is a dead woman. Which means she’ll have to turn to the riskiest magic of all: Necromancy. But there may be a bigger price to pay than she bargained for when it’s not ghosts, but very real monsters that start coming out of the shadows.

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