Fae Forged Axes & Chin Waxes by Brenda Trim (ePUB)

fae forged axes, brenda trim

Fae Forged Axes & Chin Waxes (Mystical Midlife in Maine #7) by Brenda Trim – Free eBooks Download


A Fae forged weapon. Mysterious Murders. And a run-in with my ex-husband and his new wife. Seems as if Fate has it in for me.

When I get a call about the mysterious deaths of two paranormals, I’m pulled back to the last place I ever want to be: the city I fled after my nasty divorce. The magical world depends on me to solve its problems, and this one time, I truly resent it.
Of course, my arrival couldn’t go unnoticed, and now I’m facing a lawsuit for alimony while the lives of those I love the most are on the line.
The evil behind Myrna’s previous treachery resurfaces, making me question everything. Nothing is as it seems, though. I certainly didn’t expect to find myself on a mission to prove my ex-husband’s new wife is not a murderer.
Joined by a flamboyant baker, a talented dwarf, and some very fierce pixies, I’m prepared for battle. But I’d be lying if I said I felt confident. Too many important things are now on the chopping block, and for the first time since getting my magic from Hattie, I’m afraid of failing everyone who is relying on me.

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