Fading into the Dark by L Aquila (ePUB)

fading into dark, l aquila

Fading into the Dark (The Layla Duet #2) by L Aquila – Free eBooks Download


When I was a little girl my mother use to tell me to shoot for the stars, to never give up without a fight. To conquer my demons and demolish any negative energy that presented itself. My parents’ demise led to a ripple effect of events. Having your family ripped away from you at such a young age changed me. When I moved in with my sociopathic aunt, I never would have guessed she had anything to do with my parents’ death.
She ruined my life, sent bad people after me. Sara wanted revenge, and would stop at nothing to get it. During my journey I met an amazing man. Cade Teller. He was there for me, saved me, and healed my inner wounds.
He tried to fix my broken soul until the day I was ripped away from him. Fear was apparent on his face; I felt it, too. My distress was for a different reason, though; death doesn’t scare me, not at all. What I fear is the thought of never touching him again, feeling his warm body pressed up against mine. That’s what I’m scared of, a life without Cade Teller. Because a life without Cade is like a life without a purpose. They may have taken me, they also may have broken me, but no matter what happens I will find my way home…

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