Extreme Danger by Shannon McKenna (ePUB)

extreme danger, shannon mckenna

Extreme Danger (The McClouds & Friends #5) by Shannon McKenna – Free eBooks Download


Nick Ward was one of Connor McCloud’s fellow FBI agents. Now he’s working on an investigation of his own, but Tam Steele and the McClouds always have his back…

Trained assassin…or clueless innocent?
That’s the dilemma facing Nick Ward when he drags the gorgeous, dripping, naked girl out of the swimming pool at midnight on the deserted vacation island. But innocent or not, she’s pure bad luck for Nick. Even if she’s not a merciless honeypot assassin, her presence at this top secret meeting will destroy his long-planned undercover operation, and probably get them both killed. And her luscious beauty just makes it that much worse…
She won’t back down…
Skinny-dipping in a neighbor’s pool is about as naughty as hopeless good girl Becca Cattrall has ever tried to be. But suddenly she’s at the mercy of a grim, dangerous stranger with a foul mouth and smoldering eyes…a man who steals her breath and makes her heart stutter…a man scheduled to meet with a mafiya boss who will never let her live to tell the tale.
Nick impulsively blows his cover to save Becca’s skin, but he can’t keep her hidden forever…and he can’t stay away from her, either. And now, to make matters worse, she wants to save him, too. So when hell comes calling, she’s not running….

This title is a re-release.

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