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exploring fae, m sinclair

Exploring Fae (Lost In Fae #2) by M. Sinclair – Free eBooks Download


My name is Maize.
Poisonous to the touch.
The bastard child of one very dead Dark Fae King.
A refugee of a war that freed me from my three-year imprisonment.
Eager to explore a kingdom that, while not welcoming, could hold everything I’d ever dreamed for. Hope. Hope for a real future. That was if someone didn’t kill me first due to their hatred of what I represented.
I had chosen to return to the Horde, and I knew I’d be held to that choice and the consequences associated with it. I was just hoping that the bad—whether that be in the form of the outright harassment experienced at the Red Masque Academy or a possibly much more sinister plan—would not outweigh the good.
I knew that the seven commanders wanted me here. Queen Gray wanted me here. That should be enough for me. Enough to counteract the insecurity I felt on a daily basis of not being wanted.
So for now, all I could do was explore. Explore what staying meant, explore my feelings for the men I found myself living with, and more than anything else… explore who I was becoming as a non-imprisoned woman. I wanted to be stronger than I’d been in the past and focus on healing from the trauma I’d experienced.
That small smidgen of hope I had was like a lifeline.

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