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experiment 07h1m, miranda martin

Experiment 07h1m (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss #22) by Miranda Martin – Free eBooks Download


Fated. Meant to be. I’ll trade my soul to save him.

I know he’s my fated mate the moment I see his frost-rimed face through the suspended animation chamber’s viewport. My heart stops and it feels like the entire universe clicks into place. Like the music of the stars themselves sings our names, calling us together.
But life in the bunker is hard. There are too many factions, too many people crammed in too small a space. I know I shouldn’t wake up the genetically modified alien dragon-man, it would be stupid. Selfish. But every time I see Sophia and Bahr, or any of my fellow human women with their Zmaj mates, the stabbing pain in my heart is more than I can bear.
I’m going to do it. I’m going to get Othim out of that machine. Damn the consequences.
Or so I thought. I had no idea how bad the consequences would be. Or that one mistake would start a ticking clock that if not outraced would make me lose everything. If I don’t beat the timer, I’ll lose my fated mate and the only thing that makes life worth living.
Even if it means a deal with the Black Market, because no matter what it takes, I will save Othim.

*Return to the best-selling series the Red Planet Dragons of Tajss for a new season, new adventures, and new twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages. From bestselling author Miranda Martin, Experiment 07h1m is a full length, SFR novel with a HEA.

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