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expecting magic, jc blake

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Dumped by her long-time fiancé and fired from the job she’s dedicated her life to, Catherine Earnshaw spirals into despair as her hopes of raising a family disappear along with her groom.
With a glass of prosecco in one hand and a bottle of pills in the other, she’s ready to leave this life behind until a midnight knock at the door brings a letter with a life-saving proposition:
Her estranged aunt’s dilapidated country estate and generous, life-changing, bank balance will become hers if she agrees to become the housekeeper and look after its peculiar collection of inhabitants.
There’s only one clause: she must marry Witherwood Hall’s tenant and give him a child.
Childless, unmarried, unemployed, and with her biological clock ticking, Cathy decides to take the risk of marrying a stranger. Afterall, what has she got to lose?
Heath has waited centuries for the right woman to become his bride. With the arrival of Cathy, his wait may be over.
Unless The Curse takes her first.

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