Executioner’s Grace by Susan Trombley (ePUB)

executioner's grace, susan trombley

Executioner’s Grace (Shadows in Sanctuary #4) by Susan Trombley – Free eBooks Download


Genetic engineer Dr. Hannah Chrysander is no longer considered a prisoner of the umbrose, but her upgraded status requires cooperation on her part. Assisting the human-umbrose couples in creating hybrid offspring leaves her deeply conflicted, not to mention burdened with fear that something will go wrong, and that her head will be the next one on the chopping block.
Finding herself on the wrong end of Carnifex’s axe isn’t even her greatest fear.
As the voice of a ghost haunts her when she’s alone in her lab, she’s worried she might be losing her mind from all the stress. Outside her lab, she feels eyes watching her from the dark shadows of Sanctuary and knows that not all the umbrose are happy about her work.
Surrounded by threats in the city of her former enemies, Hannah has no idea where to turn for help.
Then the watcher in the shadows reveals himself, and she discovers that she’s in the sights of the most enigmatic umbrose of all—the executioner himself.
Carnifex feels drawn to the human female who appears to be working miracles by creating impossible offspring. Though ugly whispers about Hannah’s work emanate from some corners of Sanctuary, Carnifex believes she is doing the will of the Mother of Shadows and finds her ability to create life fascinating.
His primal simply believes that Hannah belongs to him, and he is determined to claim her, even if Prince Balfor himself tries to stand in the way.

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