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Excelling at Love: Romance Collection #1-3 by Amelia Simone – Free eBooks Download


Three feel-good romances, filled with fun, flirty full-length romance novels from the Excelling @ Love Series: Formula for Love, Formula for Lust, and Formula for Seduction!

Can the World’s Hottest Nerd complete his friendship quest without losing his heart?

Rita Ryan:
What did I do when Ed Delancey volunteered to help me with my resume? I stood him up. Thanks, migraine. Every time I’ve got a handle on my career, life throws me a wicked curve. Exhibit A: Ed. He’s impossible to resist, both quirky and sweet, with a flirtatious streak that brings me to the brink.

Ed Delancey:
I schemed hard to make new friends, only to find out it was easy — at least with the right partner. Rita Ryan knows how to bring me out of my shell, teasing me to the point of no return. Can I convince her that hooking up is superior to hanging out? Keeping it casual might be my best shot at making her mine.

When Rita’s job search threatens to tear them apart, will Ed and Rita confess their real feelings and discover that the formula of World’s Hottest Nerd + Extrovert Adoption = Love?

A man pining after his department rival.
A woman dying to shed her perfect persona.
A match made in… Vegas?

Sidney Culver:
Loathing Nate Cummings comes naturally for me. The bad boy hacker doesn’t care one whit for the sacrifice that goes into running our department. I’ve worked too hard to become the favorite for department chair. He thinks he can just waltz in and beat me? I don’t think so. But the more I learn about Nate’s hidden gooey center, the more I doubt my rival wants to infiltrate anything more than my heart’s defenses…

Nate Cummings:
I admit I’ve made mistakes when it comes to Sidney Culver. Reverting to playground tactics and pranks instead of asking her out was easier than sharing the tragedy that had brought me to Benton. Co-chairing our department dinner and beating her at her own game was the only way to win her respect. Maybe if we’re stuck together in Vegas, she’ll finally see me as more than an overgrown child, and recognize the man who secretly loves her?

When responsibilities bring them crashing back to earth, can Nate turn their Las Vegas fling into the real thing?

A kind football coach.
His data analyst secret weapon.
And a risqué to-do list…

Professor Carly Anderson:
I never imagined the university president would volunteer me to help our football coach win. My side deal with the sexy coach raises the stakes: if I can help pull the Threshers out of their losing streak, Coach Bear will owe me a favor. He’ll help tick off items on my Never Have I Ever list. No matter how innocent… or not…

Coach Bear—aka Ben O’Reilly:
Carly Anderson floored me with her request to help her with the hottest to-do list ever. Sure, I’ve been a monk all season. Okay, all year. Okay, most of my life. But for her, I’ll figure out what a Dirty Schmiddy is. Because if she can trust me with her body, maybe she’ll also trust me with her heart…

With the season on the line, can Ben and Carly learn that practice makes perfect in the bedroom and on the field?

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