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ex-boyfriend material, arden steele

Ex-Boyfriend Material (+One #2) by Arden Steele – Free eBooks Download


Evan Lewis doesn’t get people. It’s like everyone is talking in riddles, and no one ever says what they really mean. He’s tired of being alone but navigating the nuances of the dating scene is nothing more than an exercise in frustration.
Luckily, he knows just the person to turn to for help.
The first time Evan walked through the door of his café, Patrick Donovan should have staked his claim then and there. At the time, though, the guy had needed a friend a lot more than he’d needed a date. He never regretted the decision, at least, not until Evan asks for his help in pursing someone else. Now, it’s time to put up or shut up.
There’s just one problem.
He’s good at temporary, but he has no idea how to be in a committed relationship. Worse, he has one week to figure it out if he wants to prove to Evan that he can be more than just ex-boyfriend material.

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