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evilest omega, s rodman

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When the one you love is turning to the dark side, what do you do? Stop them? Or join them?

Silas Darkstar is a powerful necromancer, an aspiring supervillain, a wolf shifter and an omega. After years alone as an outcast, he is enjoying life with his mate Dean and the pack they have created.
Sure, they are on the run from the Council and as the only magic weaver, a lot falls on his shoulders to keep them safe. But his found family is worth it.
This pesky dagger, brimming with dark magic that he found in an abandoned mine, isn’t anything he can’t handle. He can ignore its siren call.
Dean Darkstar loves his mate and loves his pack.
But Silas’s powers are growing and they are darker than before. Dean is worried. Silas is not acting like himself. He is cold, distant, even more ruthless than ever. Unpredictable.
Dean knows he needs to do something, but the idea breaks his heart.
Meanwhile, the Darkstar pack is growing in the most unusual way. It appears there is going to be the pitter patter of mothman baby feet. The pack is ecstatic.
But can Dean keep them all safe? The Council is closing in and while Silas seems to be dispatching them one by one, what price is the dark magic extracting?
Can Dean protect Silas from himself?
Will he have to choose between Silas and the pack and keep them safe from him?
He knows making such a terrible decision will destroy him.
However, it may just be one he has to make.
Or does he put his faith in Silas and trust that love can conquer all?

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