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every nowhere, deiri di

Every Nowhere by Deiri Di – Free eBooks Download


There is a rift in the space time continuum and the devil is coming for her.

Yuri just doesn’t know it yet.
She is struggling, watching as everyone around her has everything she wishes she had. Boyfriend, functional family, good job – all of these things seem completely out of reach and she has no idea how to get to point a to point b. Worse than that, things start to seem off as other people don’t remember the same things that she does.
But then the mundane goal posts disappear.
And the devil is coming for her.
He has been waiting so many of her lifetimes to find her.
But first, Yuri has to learn how to control her abilities, and stop the one who is trying to end it all. Yuri gets lost jumping between dimensional realities, trying to sort out what is real and how she can make it all end, all the while she encounters a man who is there for her, time and time again. A man who she is not entirely sure is there to help her or hurt her.
A man that might not be a man at all.

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