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Evergreen Cottage (Holiday Cottage #1) by Teresa Ives Lilly – Free eBooks Download


Shay Martin has been collecting houses and buildings for her Christmas Villages since she was a child, but this year, she has a specific looking cottage in mind. While searching for just the right addition for her collection, she finds a picture of the perfect Evergreen Cottage. However, on further research she finds the photo is of a real cottage at Sprucewood, Colorado’s Holiday Cottages Farm.

Shay had already decided to travel for the holidays to get away from sad memories and a just be alone. The Holiday Cottages Farm looks like the perfect place. Shay hopes to find a replica of the Evergreen Cottage for her collection in the Holiday Cottage’s Gift Store. After meeting the dark rugged, trail ride instructor, she’s no longer sure she wants to be completely alone for the season or that she ever wants to go back to her boring job and friendless life, however, she knows he needs to deal with the young woman in his life right now, named Cat.

Dixon Jones wants nothing more than to spend his days enjoying the Christmas activities in Sprucewood and running the winter sleigh rides at the Holiday Cottages Farm. Against his own self-imposed rules of ‘never get involve with a guest’ he finds himself attracted to Shay and wants to share all the holiday events that Sprucewood has to offer with her, but first he needs to deal with the uncooperative woman named Cat.

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