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Ever Found (The Everose Curse Trilogy #1) by Maree Byrnes – Free eBooks Download


One drunken night with a dragon king and now I’m pregnant.

Everly – This wasn’t meant to happen! I was meant to continue playing along with my mothers plans for a few more months, until I was too old to be viable for what I nicknamed the “breeding program”. Then I’d be free to return to my studies and work on getting as far away from her as possible.
But one drunken night with a dragon king and here I am giving my mother everything she wanted!
Now instead of escaping this life, I’m tightly bound with no escape. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it turns out I’m the mate of not only one dragon but three.
Can I learn to trust these three strange dragons? Or are they only going to use me to get what they want like my mother?

Lin – All I’ve ever wanted in life was to find my true mate and start a family.
After centuries of waiting I’d given up hope, especially after the Everose curse wiped out most of the females of our species, forcing us to look for a mate amongst the humans.
Despite my disbelief a human girl has my hormones, dormant for centuries, going wild. I can’t believe I’ve found a mate, not my true mate though. She’s only human, but she just might be able to give me the family I’ve always wanted.
That doesn’t mean I have to trust her or her gold digging mother. There is something about them that just doesn’t add up.
While her mother shows all the warning signs typical of a gold digger, there’s something about Everly that continues to draw me in.

Will I be able to uncover their end game before the baby is born? Or will they use my child to bring me and my kingdom to our knees?

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