Evan & His Cat by Elsie James (ePUB)

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Evan & His Cat (Curvy Girl’s Best Friend) by Elsie James – Free eBooks Download


Moving to Hawaii has always been a fantasy of mine, and landing a job at the island’s biggest library is a dream come true. Now that I’m settled, all the pieces of my life have fallen in place, except one.
I need to find a man who can compete with my book boyfriends.
When a handsome Coast Guard and his white, fur ball of a cat find their way into my apartment, I’m desperate to find a way into their hearts.
Evan is sexy, brave, and I want him to pet my kitty.
But can I convince him that I can handle the life of a military wife?

Being a Coastie, my life is all about logic and order. I’m moving up the ranks and into my future.
A life of service can be a bit lonely sometimes but thankfully, I have my cat. Together, the two of us are set on making the most of my four-year assignment in Hawaii.
But when a sexy librarian moves into the apartment across from me, the cat’s got my tongue.
Hannah is thoughtful, charming, and makes me want to check out her books.
But can I convince her to take a chance on loving me?

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