Eternally Ginger by Chelle C. Craze (ePUB)

eternally ginger, chelle c craze

Eternally Ginger (RBMC: Cleveland, Ohio Chapter #3) by Chelle C. Craze, Eli Abbott – Free eBooks Download


The secret I uncovered was one that was far too heavy for any one person to bear. I wasted years hating the man responsible for my dad’s death over false pretenses, only to fall for him in the months after our lives reconnected. When the world was insufferable, and I wanted nothing more than to die, he was my reason to live.

Our love had blossomed as if it was the most beautiful of white roses. My thirst for revenge would stain every last one of its breathtaking petals red with blood before they reached their maturity. We’d moved so far in our relationship, and I felt the shift but wouldn’t admit it. Perhaps, somewhere in the depths of my mind, I was afraid that if I acknowledged it, something would come along to ruin what we had, but the ruins came regardless.

It didn’t matter if he was an outlaw biker or not. I would protect what was mine at all costs, even if it meant losing my life.

Each book in this series is written so it may be read as a standalone, but we recommend reading this book after Ghoul.

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