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Escaping From Fate (Escape #2) by Hazel Gower – Free eBooks Download


Lisa Lurman:
Lisa doesn’t remember her birth parents, but she had always hoped that they loved her. Her foster parents, Helen and Bruce, said they loved her, but she didn’t believe them; they ruled over her with an iron fist and she feared them. When she moves out, Helen and Bruce aren’t happy with her, they wanted her with them and ready to marry a man from their church, and be a good obedient housewife.
With Lisa’s newfound freedom, her friends take her out to celebrate her twenty-first birthday. They take her to Hot Stuff, a renown shifter stripper bar.
Imagine her surprise when she’s kidnapped by one of the guards who claims she’s his mate. Has she left one gilded cage for another?

Dax White:
A mate wasn’t something Dax had been looking to find any time soon. He wanted to work on his trust issues first. So, imagine his surprise when he finds her at the strip club he works for. He takes no chances she’ll run, kidnapping her in front of her friends just as the show is about to start.
Lisa Lurman is not what he expected. She doesn’t leave him when given the chance, but stays and quickly gains his trust. Lisa is sweet, kind, caring, and loving. Everything he could have hoped for in a mate and more. He just has to keep her safe from her crazy foster parents.

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