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Equilibrium (The Rapture #2) by L.K. Reid – Free eBooks Download


My name is Ophelia Ekaterina Aster.
Baba Yaga.
Daughter of a Dragon.
A monster.
I never minded the whispers or the screams, because I knew who I was and what I’ve done.
I never minded, until I did.
I sold my soul to the devil and painted the pages of my story with the blood of those who betrayed me. I became the darkness they threw me into, and I destroyed them.
I wouldn’t stop, I couldn’t stop, not now.
Not when everything I worked for was within my reach.
But it all came crashing down when he barged into my life again and threatened to ruin my carefully laid plans. It only took those two words.
“Hello, Persephone.”
He said he wanted me, he said I was his, but how could I trust him when every single person in my life has stabbed me in the back? I wanted to believe him, I wanted to believe that the fairytale I so often dreamed of could become my reality.
But I was wrong.
I should’ve listened to my gut. I should’ve escaped while I still had time, because even though love runs deep, betrayal… it runs much deeper. I guess I didn’t expect it to hurt like this.
I didn’t expect it to turn into just another nightmare.

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