Entrusted to a Highlander by Donna Fletcher (ePUB)

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Entrusted to a Highlander (Highland Promise Trilogy #2) by Donna Fletcher – Free eBooks Download


Once upon a time, Purity, of the Clan Macara, shy, plain, and with a deformed hand that everyone believes is the mark of the devil, begged handsome, charismatic, devil-may-care Arran of the Clan MacKinnon to wed her and save her from a fate she feared. He turned her down.

Five years later, Arran returns home after being taken captive by a group of mercenaries and forced to fight alongside them. He’s a far different man than he’d once been. Smiles elude him, his tongue no longer charms, and he knows what it’s like to have been touched by the devil himself. When he saves a woman in the woods from being abducted, he doesn’t realize who she is until he sees her deformed hand.

Purity has changed, confident and comfortable with herself and her life in the forest. She no longer requires a husband. Unfortunately, Purity is in danger, and Arran doesn’t intend to fail her this time. He tells her they will wed, and he will keep her safe.

It’s Purity’s turn to refuse his proposal—but not for long. It becomes clear that the only safety Purity has is in Arran’s arms as his wife.

When the couple return home, they face a challenging and dangerous situation that could tear them apart forever.

Secrets are discovered, promises are made, lies surface, and murder strikes the clan. Through it all, the couple fight to keep what they’ve found, what Purity always knew, and what Arran discovers—they’ve always been meant for each other.

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